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"Our experience with using RevEquip to create our Revit content has been extremely positive and beneficial. From the initial RFQ to the finished project, the entire process has been painless and very efficient. As an example, we have had some projects quoted and completed in less than a week. Thanks to RevEquip, we went from having zero Revit content to having an entire Revit library that encompasses our product line. I would have no problem recommending RevEquip to anyone needing to have Revit content created." - Chris Moy, VP of Engineering, Hestan Commercial

"We worked with Rev-Equip to develop Revit files for all our models and even update the CAD files. They were awesome to work with and paid attention to the details, in that they took the time to study our product, understand its use, its designs, connections and accessories, then translate that to the 3D images without hand holding. It showed right away that they had experience with foodservice equipment industry. We will continue to use them as we update our products and new models." - Mike Palm,  Crysalli

"I Have never had any question in the accuracy and accountability with RevEquip.  The response time and completion time is always quick and timely.  Savannah and Garrett are both exceptional to work with and have a firm grasp of what we here at True expect!" - Donnie Tapley, True Food Service Equipment, Inc.

"Adopting new drawing formats are always difficult for smaller companies.  Until demand for the new format reaches a sustainable level it can be difficult to justify the expense of licencing of new software.  This is where Rev-Equip fills an important need for us, they have provided me with a cost effective solution to provide Revit drawings when required.  Rev-Equip are easy to work with and have consistently provided me with quality drawings in a timely manner." - John Tepes, Sales Manager, Spring Air Systems

"Consultants creating kitchen designs based upon Southbend's equipment were requesting our product models to be available in Revit format. We were not staffed nor had the software that would enable us to fulfill that request. We opened a project with RevEquip to convert our product family models into Revit format. RevEquip quoted the job and time frame. They completed the job on time and converted all our models into Revit format. We were very satisfied with RevEquip's delivered results and consultants are using the files to design in Southbend equipment. A very positive experience and we are now looking to follow that effort up with an additional project." - Dale Price, VP of Engineering, Southbend

"We have been very happy with our relationship with RevEquip.  Their understanding of the requirements expected by the food service consultants and architects has made the process of offering Revit files very easy.  The delivery of the files is always quick and their communication and follow up is the best of any vendor I have worked with.  Especially important is their willingness to explain and educate as I have been trying to learn the about this technology and the advantages it offers to us as manufacturers.  Whether for Revit or CAD files, RevEquip has provided fast, cost-effective service and we will continue to use them." Chris Cliburn, Pricing and Product Data Specialist, BUNN

"We worked with Rev-Equip to convert our CAD files into Revit format, they came highly recommended to us from a sister company.  Like many other small companies we could not justify buying a seat of Revit for a small project.  Rev-Equip responded quickly, held pricing on their quote, and delivered a quality product on time.  I had zero issues, I would recommend Rev-Equip to anyone, as well as use them in the future for new projects." Casey Cook, Project Engineer, NU VU/Doyon

"We recently reached out to RevEquip for Revit drawings of our two product lines. They came highly recommended and I can see why. From the start they were very informative about the process, they took care of just about everything and no other company could compare in price. The turnaround time was extremely fast and the quality was perfect. Rev Equip has excellent customer service and they were very easy to work with." Matt Judkins, Service Manager, Motion Technology, Inc.

"BIM isn’t a trend in the food service industry and it is now a part of our daily life. Revequip’s dedication have put us at the head of the BIM compliant equipment manufacturers in our market place. Revequip’s accuracy and speed of delivery for the finished BIM product is truly fi rst
class. BIM is too big a subject for us to not seek the best partners to work with and Revequip has proven themselves on multiple occasions, to be that partner. With Revequip the process of BIM creation was a worry free decision.” Daren Gamble, Design Engineer, Moffat

“I want to give my recommendations for RevEquip aft er my recent experience. We had a project to convert all of the equipment we sell to Revit format and at the recommendation of one of my suppliers we contacted them. After we discussed the work that would be require they supplied me with a proposal and cost for this work which we granted them. Toward the end of this project they contacted me to inform me that the fi nal scope was less than they had anticipated and the final cost would be considerably less than the original proposal. Th is is something they did not have to do so I guarantee that as our new products are being developed I will be using RevEquip exclusively to develop the Revit models. It was a pleasure dealing with all of this company’s personnel throughout our project.” - David Briggs, Director of Healthcare Equipment, Dinex, A Carlile Company

“Our experience working with Rev-equip has been great!  We have found them to be extremely easy to work with and have experienced very quick turnaround times on every project.  We look forward to collaborating with  RevEquip on all future Revit projects”. Sean Green, Omni Team.

“RevEquip is a pleasure to work with. They have turned our projects around in record time, and always on budget.”  Lois Schneck, Director of Marketing, Component Hardware


RevEquip Offers Revit Training and Support

The implementation of Revit can be daunting for a company because there are so many unknowns.  A big misconception about Revit is that one does not have to be a Revit expert to offer Revit families, that is our job. You will need a general understanding of how a Revit family works, but we are here to teach you the basics. RevEquip provides all of the necessary training so you are comfortable with reviewing and checking the Revit files constructed by RevEquip. Whether your sales team needs a general understanding of Revit or your engineering team needs to know how to check families, we are here to support you throughout your project.  Some of our Training offerings are as follows

  • Conference Calls
  • Customized Training Videos
  • Guidance through Virtual Meetings



We will be in KCL's booth during NAFEM to answer your questions about Revit.



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